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Applications of 23 Inch and 26 Inch Monitors

23+ to 26+ inch monitors are used for all purposes from family use, gaming, and even business (occasional work related use). Furthermore media center and home theater PC (HTPC) usage as well as more niche uses play an important factor. This is why the 23 to 26 range is quite versatile in this regard.

These monitors are also a good choice for business because 23 inch and 26 inch monitors tend to be priced at premium value. More importantly pricing is not so high that they become an unreasonable investment. The implications of the afforested is very important.

This means these monitor displays can easily be found for under $200 when you find a good deal. When you don’t find a good deal and prefer higher quality, we will come across significantly higher prices. These prices reach upwards of more than $500 depending on the size, display, and features desired by the consumer. In general conclusion the 23+ inch display run from about $120 up to around or over $500 depending on the feature set. Next we look at how Brand plays a major factor in the pricing of the monitor.

23-26 inch Class Monitor

Brand pricing for Monitors stands side by side with  brand, model, and size, features. For example: A 23-26 inch wall sized flat panel LCD computer monitor comes in many different screen sizes which affects price. The 23 inch is the smallest, and the 26 inch is the largest the largest (26″). Next we will look at choosing monitor size based on your intended use

Screen Display Size 23″ – 25″ Screen with reference to intended usage:

The 23″ to 26″ inch monitors are used for a wide variety of uses. These uses include gaming, work, photo editing and more. Furthermore the 23-26 screens are very popular for use with computers. This is because the 23-26 range can compete with high end HDTVs. This size is also  good enough  for professional applications related to video media. Next will will look at what the professionals are saying about the size factor.

You better believe the 23-26 inch displays have become the new standard for many home computer setups. This means  23+ LCD TVs are becoming one of the most common monitor and TV options on any store shelf  and online outlets. The 23-26 inch Class Monitor monitors now dominate sales figures due to their versatility and almost perfect size.

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