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Memory (RAM) and Random Accessible Memory are two names used for a computers heart and soul, the memory factor. Memory (RAM) or Random Accessible Memory is the heart and soul of a computer. It is the part that tells the rest of the system what do to d. Think of memory or RAM as the captain of the football team.

The types of memory we carry in our store are the following; RAM Apple Memory, RAM DDR2, RAM DDR3, RAM DDR4, RAM Server DDR4, RAM SODIMM DDR/DDR2, RAM SODIMM DDR3, RAM SODIMM DDR4.

The two types of RAM are static and dynamic. RAM are considered volatile, as their state is lost or reset when power is removed from the system. By contrast, read-only memory (ROM) stores data by permanently enabling or disabling selected transistors, such that the memory cannot be altered. Writeable variants of ROM (such as EEPROM and flash memory) share properties of both ROM and RAM, enabling data to persist without power and to be updated without requiring special equipment. These persistent forms of semiconductor ROM include USB flash drives, memory cards for cameras and portable devices, and solid-state drives. ECC memory (which can be either SRAM or DRAM) includes special circuitry to detect and/or correct random faults (memory errors) in the stored data, using connection error paring.

When it comes to choosing the right RAM or memory for your machine, it is very important to take your time and choose wisely. Not only does the DDR type need to match, but the RAM needs to be efficient for the job you need done.